Tuesday, February 15, 2011


Families of overseas Filipino workers (OFW) in Taiwan, read this!

Better start asking the Government: Is the country ready to provide IIMMEDIATE jobs or livelihood in case our 100,000 or so OFWs are kicked out from Taiwan due to our deportation of 14 suspected Taiwanese criminals to China.

If I were you, I’d start visiting or writing the Labor department and the Overrseas Workers’ Welfare Administration (OWWA).

Aalamin ko na ngayon pa lang kung anu-anong trabaho, at ilan, ang naghihintay, kung sakaling PAUWIIN bigla ng gobyerno ng Taiwan, o ng kanilang mga amo, ang inyong mga mahal sa buhay.

I’d also find out how much and what kind of assistance, cash or in kind, is available and how fast can this be availed of by your loved ones.

With the reasons being given by Justice Sec. Leila de Lima for the deportation, I see a very high risk of our OFWs taking the brunt of the anger of the Taiwanese.

Sabi ni De Lima, hindi raw nagpakita ng katibayan ng pagiging Taiwanese ang mga idineport. Pero sinabi rin niya na may photocopy o Xerox ang mga ito ng kanilang mga passport. 

Two newspapers reported today that the Taiwanese also presented their entry permits, which indicated their nationality, into the Philippines. So if passports and entry permits are not proofs of identity, what the hell do you call them?

De Lima said it was the Chinese Government which presented proper and recognized documents in their request for the deportation of the Taiwanese to China. But she did not say what the documents were.

Don’t tell me, Secretary, that the Chinese Government also had passports and proof of residence of the Taiwanese in China.

De Lima said even though the Court of Appeals (CA) had directed the Bureau of Immigration to produce six of the Taiwanese, last Feb. 2, there was no restraining order so the deportation that same day was not a violation of the court order.

Kapag inagutos ka na dalhin sa iyo ang isang tao, AUTOMATIC na ibig sabihin noon ay hindi dapat mawala o mapunta sa ibang llugar ang taong iyon. COMMON SENSE na iyon, ika nga sa Ingles.

The point is, around 100,000 of our OFWs, and their dependents, are now in danger of losing their source of livelihood just because of the QUESTIONABLE deportation, which dared DEFY even a court order.

And 100 is to 1, it will take a MIRACLE for De Lima to assume responsibility in a worst case scenario.


COUNCILOR LULU PRINCIPE of Los Banos, Laguna on “Abusado, Sinungaling si Trillanes:”

I have consistently watched the live coverage of the Senate hearings and I am proud to have voted for Sen. Trillianes. If not for the hearings, people wouldn't know that (the) bulk of our money, and even those being shared with the Philippines by the United Nations, has been siphoned off by a select group of powerful people. The testimonies of Ms. Mendoza, Col. Rabusa, Lim and Querubin are strong enough to understand the issue at hand. Ang bottom line nito ay ang mahihirap ang lalong naghihirap, samantalang ang iilan ay nabubuhay ng labis-labis ang kaligayahan at karangyaan !

LEAH SALVADOR of Imus, Cavite on “Burden of Proof Now on Trillanes Part 1:”

Trillanes would be like a dog, "all bark and no bite," if he fails to subject himself to a thorough investigation and undergo procedures in proving his accusations. How convenient for some people to point fingers and destroy other people's reputations. Talk about injustice. That is simply unfair to people being accused who, under the law, are presumed innocent until proven guilty.

NON ALQUITRAN, Philippine Star Senior Reporter, on “Burden of Proof Now on Trillanes Part 2”:

Noong Oakwood mutiny, abot-langit ang pagsigaw nitong tropa ni Trillanes ng pagbabago. Pero nang siya na ang nasa puwesto, aba ipinakita nya sa Senate hearing na vindictive din siya sa ginawa nya sa the late Angie Reyes. Kaya hindi dapat paniwalaan itong si Trillanes dahil nababago ang laman ng isip nya. Saan na ang ipinaglalaban mong pagbabago Mr. Trillanes, sir? Nakalimutan mo na (ba) dahil malaki na ang hawak mong pondo?


  1. All so sudden, the ANARCHIST is out of jail!!! Bewildered, but clear in his mind that he has a score to settle with Reyes elat, the ANARCHIST told himself that NOW, THE TIME FOR VENGEANCE IS HERE. The rest is history. On the China-Taiwan tug-o-war, these set of incompetent PH officials should first learn to be firm on whether or not to uphold a one-China policy, lest it gets dragged into the domestic squabbles between and among those economically and militarily superior economies than ours. PH must never allow itself to be bullied any any nation, no matter how mighty.

  2. Ang masasabi ko lang ang mga tao ni P-Noy, maaring magagaling nga sa mga pinanggalingan nilang sector pero they lack the expertise of handling and tackling government issues.