Wednesday, July 13, 2011


The Philippine Charity Sweepstakes Office (PCSO) owes the bishops, and the Filipino people as a whole, a PUBLIC APOLOGY.

And if there’s one thing that clearly emerged from the Senate hearing on the so called ‘Pajero bishops,” PCSO officials are either STUPID or outright LIARS.

PCSO Chair Margie Juico had been quoted in media as saying thaty the bishops had received Pajeros from the PCSO during the Arroyo Administration.

But checks presented at the hearing showed that this was not true. And disgustingly, Juico could not explain how she was supposedly misquoted in media .

SHAME ON YOU, madam chairperson!

So Juico is practically admitting that the Pajero description of the vehicles did not pass through her before it was released to media, even though SHE WAS THE ONE who was quoted in most of the news stories on the issue.

Considering the sensitivity of the accusation, and the personality of the accused, it is UNTHINKABLE, and UNBELIEVABLE for Juico, and the other concerned PCSO officials, not to take EXTRA CARE in coming out with the story for media.

If this is not STUPIDITY, then it’s PATHETIC and DESPICABLE OVERSIGHT for a chairperson of an agency an agency as big as the PCSO.

And look at the SHAMELESS LIE she’s trying to put up just to save face.

She said in the hearing that they have repeatedly corrected the Pajero error in media. But she could not, if deliberately did not, identify the manager whom she says could have been the source of the information.

HOW THE HELL can you correct something if you do not even know where the error came from, or who had committed it?

And if Juico and the rest of the PCSO officials will insist that it was an honest mistake, the they had better present the person in public, as well as SHOW PROF that they had relayed the error to the bishops the very day it ame out in media.

If Juico and the PCSO can’t do these, then the ‘Pajero bishops’ intrigue is nothing but another political maneuver for whatever vested interests they have in mind.

This is the ‘tuwid na daan,” PCSO and Juico style. 30

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