Sunday, July 17, 2011


Don’t you notice something, boys and girls?

We have been reading or hearting about all sorts of accusations against the former Administration in media almost every day for the past several weeks.

But other than President Aquino’s address during the anniversary of his first year in office, we hardly read or hear of what has been accomplished so far by this Administration.

Solid and physical or tangible proof of what Pnoy’s Government has done so far to address the IMMEDIATE AND PRESSING CONCERNS of the people.

I’M NOT SAYING that Pnoy has not achieved anything for his freshman year as our President.

What I’m driving at is why can’t they come in media with their DETAILED achievements as often as they come out with their tirades against their political foes,

Achievements as in those which have already happened or been finished, and not those which are only about to happen.

Let me cite a few and please, think about these guys:

I remember Pnoy claiming in his first anniversary address that his Administration has already built 2,000 kilometers of farm-to-market roads,

So where exactly are these roads? How much did each cost and who were the contractors? Who are the beneficiaries and what is our assurance that there were no irregularities in the project? Pictures, please!

There was also a report a few weeks back saying that according to the Department of Education, Culture and Sports, thousands of classrooms had been built for this school year.

In what schools, where and for whom? How much did these cost and who built them? How can we be sure that the project is without fraud?

Stories on hunger and the hungry have been hitting the newspapers.

But I haven’t come across any MASSIVE FOOD-PRODUCTION program by the Aquino Administration for farmers and fisher folk, which can surely bring down food prices and thus enable the poor to buy and eat more.

Or any WIDE-SCALE financial assistance credit program with REALISTIC and DECENT credit lines for these people.

And remember, guys, Pnoy’s government is more than willing to spend hundreds of millions of pesos for condoms and other birth control devices.

Unemployment remains a very big problem but do you know of even a single move or program at all by the Aquino government to continuously generate jobs?

I don’t. Anybody can correct me if I’m wrong.

Infrastructure projects are among he fastest ways to produce jobs. And we need a whole damn lot of it – new roads and bridges, public hospitals or health centers, school buildings, housing, you name it.

But you tell me, boys and girls: How many infrastructure projects are you aware of, whether in progress or completed, under Pnoy’s government? If any, are these commensurate to a year in power?

For me, what I hear more often than not is the P20-BILLION plus which this government wants to spend for DOLEOUTS for the poor.And Pnoy’s vocal and categorical support for the project.

I wonder how many roads, bridges, school buildings and classrooms, food production projects and other similar undertakings can P20 billion finance?

And how many laborers or construction workers, or farmers and fisherfolk are among the poor? 30

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