Sunday, April 24, 2011


My informers have revealed to me that two VERY, VERY INFLUENTIAL and WEALTHY PEOPLE are among the major players in the oil industry.

One of the two occupies A TOP government post. The other is a businessman known for his connections in both business and government, even during past administrations.

“This is the reason why the oil firms remain, as you say, sooo sacred and sooo untouchable in this Government,” one of my informers stressed.

The revelation, along with the continued LIP SERVICE of the Government in probing the non-stop increases in oil prices, strengthened my observation that we are being taken for a ride and looked upon as gullible idiots by this Administration.

As I had written in my blog yesterday, the Department of Energy (DOE) has discovered that the 13th price increase imposed by oil companies last Tuesday were above the agency’s prescribed adjustments based on a similar formula used by local firms.

The DOE demanded an explanation from the oil companies a week or so ago. But up to now, I have yet to hear of a scheduled public hearing on the issue or of the DOE vigorously running after the books of the oil firms.

Anybody correct me if I’m wrong.

Last Thursday, President Noynoy ordered a review of the 13, not just one but 13, price hikes imposed by the oil companies since 2011 started. But no deadlines, no designated review body or agency, no scope of the review, no nothing.

Justice Sec. Leila de Lima herself revealed that the Arroyo administration froze oil price increases in 2009 through Executive Order (EO) 839. But crucial as it is, nobody in Government has even called for a consideration of this move.

Now, if this isn’t lip service, or ‘pogi points,’ somebody tell me what it is.  With a good explanation, please.

If former President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo can freeze oil prices, WHY CAN’T Noynoy?

It would be interesting to find out who are the BIGGEST STOCKHOLDERS of each and every oil company. Every name that comes up should be double-checked against their declared assets to find out if they’re just dummies of somebody else or not.


Five of our friends on “Never, ever underestimate women”:

ROMEO SESBRENO of Sudbury, Ontario, Canada

Here in Canada and the US, it is very common husband and wife team up as long haulers. They haul precious cargoes throughout North America. Hats off to them. The skill and professionalism of these drivers are just incredible!!


Right. Every woman has her own duties and responsibilities not only in the  family but in the neighborhood ,community and society.

DALE PEARCE of Calgary, Alberta, Canada

Greatarticle, Boyet. I was once a bus driver...still have my S-endorsement and class 1 license for driving tractor trailers. Lots of women drivers and probably safer too.


No argument here.


"For example, they will have to know how to DISARM a holdup man IN A SPLIT-SECOND or so." --SEDUCE first then disarm?  lol" 

Four of our friends on “Meralco power rate hike should be investigated”:


Dig up the contracts entered into by (Former President Fidel) Ramos with independent power producers (IPP) during his term which causes high electricity rates. We are even being charged for power that has not been utilized! The government is required to pay private power plant operators even if they do not supply a single watt!

EDGAR BUENAVENTURA of Tuguegarao City, Cagayan

Tama ka, bro. Sama ako jan. Dapat na pagbayarin ng danyos ang Meralco sa maraming ulit na pinagpasyahan na ng SC na ibalik ang sobrang siningil nila sa mga consumer pero ang ginagawa ay ipinangbabayad na lang sa konsumo ng mga subscriber. Hindi ba me daya ito dahil ang buong pera mo ay isinabject na naman sa mga fees vat at surcharges.


Nagbabaga po ang mga article nyo. i-rerepost ko po 'to sa mga susunod na araw. salamat po and God bless.

MERIT SALUD of Bloomfield, New Jersey, USA

Why can't these people pursue with the same passion the develpment of alterntive sources of power? Dahil maliit ang" SEE " or KITA? Ang isang dapat habulin natin ng husto ay yung deposit ng natural gas sa Liguasan Marsh sa ARRM sa Cotabato.  30


  1. With regards to that "Shell oil" share holders, the best things to do is not to buy gasoline or any products of Shell Oil company. I mean, not to buy or boycott the product/s of Shell company, so the price of petroleum product will go down, why? Ex. for the whole year, all vehicle owner, (public or private transportation)will just buy their gas from "Petron or Caltex", Shell will lose profit, eventually they will reduce their price to compete with other company, then gas prices will go down. So boycott Shell Oil.

  2. dapat naman kasi mag pursigi na ang governo na mag sarili pag hukay sa gitna ng ating karagatan.oil sarili mga filipino engineers sila ng mga empleyado sa malaysia,indonesia,singapore.bakit nga ba walang groupo sa pinas na gumawa.dahil ang mga politiko gusto palagi nalang import,napakatamad.mag isip kung ano ang ikabubuti ng lahat ,puro pansarili lamang ang ini isip ng mga politiko.paano sila kumita.puro consultant ang,paano ang deal......big deal.. a mga investor.....kaya controlado lang ng e ilan ang mundo ng oil.kahit anong welga pa natin......mga filipino kung ang mga politiko naman natin ay bulok..........mukhang pera..........wala nang pag asa........kaya napakahirap din ng to much freedom sa ating batas.......puro tagisan ng talino.....kaya puro argue ang ngyari.walang aksyon......nakakahiya na talaga tayo sa buong mundo.tayo ang pinakamayan dapat sa buong mundo bulag lang ang mga politiko....ang mga filipino din mahid na sa pangako ng mga politiko.....