Thursday, April 7, 2011


If no one is untouchable as she claims, then BIR Commissioner Kim Henares should go after the BILLIONAIRES, especially the Chinese group or the taipans to prove it.

It’s PUBLIC KNOWLEDGE that SM tycoon Henry Sy, the Ayalas, Lucio Tan, the oil companies and the rest of the billionaires earn MILLIONS DAILY.

Henares had better start revealing publicly the TAXES paid by the billionaires for PUBLIC SCRUTINY. She must CATEGORICALLY declare if the correct amount had been paid and prove it.

If not, she had better be ready with AIR-TIGHT steps she is taking to collect from the billionaires and how long will take her to do so.

Since Henares took over the BIR, we have yet to hear OF EVEN ONE case filed against, or even a DETAILED breakdown of the taxes paid by, the billionaires as against their known multi-billion assets.

Taxes paid by some celebrities like Manny Pacquiao are revealed to media. But those paid by the billionaires, NEVER. The big question, WHY?

So except for the BIR’s word, we have NO ASSURANCE that the billionaires are not cheating on their tax payments. We will never know whether or not the billionaires are paying only five or 10 percent of their total liabilities AND GETTING AWAY WITH IT.

Unless we get the chance to prove it ourselves.

As the Aquino Administration often says, if there is nothing to hide, then there should be no problem in revealing anything.

Put  your money where your mouth is, Ms. Henares.

Two of our friends on “Don’t single out Willing Willie”:

ESPERLITA GARCIA of Gonzaga, Cagayan

Your judgment is correct, Boyet. Why do critics, and even Madam Dinky (Soliman, DSWD secretary), single out “Willing Willie?” I do not see any abusive act by  Willie. Wiling-wili lang siya sa self confidence na ipinakita ng bata. To curtail the rights of children like Janjan in “Willing Willie” and other related shows is unfair.


Bakit si Willie lang ang napansin ng MTRCB?

NOEMI MONTENEGRO on “If Lacson wants to fully redeem his credibility” :

Sen. Lacson has a lot of explaining to do regarding his alleged involvement in the Dacer-Corbito murder case to clear his name if he really doesn't have a hand in it. The case has been left unsolved for several years already and the families of the deceased have been left in limbo.

Five of our friends on “Meralco power rate hike must be investigated!” :

MERIT SALUD of Bloomfied, New Jersey, USA

Meralco is controlled by a Cojuangco. The establsihment of a nuke plant is being championed by a Cojuangco. The president is a Cojuangco. Other than Pnoy, none of them could be said to have shown selfless love for country.


I agree with you. It would not be surprising if there is also a Mafia  sucking the bloodlines of the utilities sector. Let’s unveil the truth through intense investigation. Enough of  the cartel in the utilities sector.


Apart from that, Congress must REPEAL RA 9136 or the EPIRA law.


Yes. Calling all Filipino citizens…


Not only investigated. Kailangan nang alisin ang sistemang monopolyado! 30


  1. Rafael Gomez of Makati CityApril 8, 2011 at 12:40 AM


  2. Why single out Chinese Taipans and Billionaires? Doesn't the Ayalas, Conjuancos, Aquinos, Arroyos, etc. also deserve the scrutiny of the BIR I'm sure these Espanol Billionaires also evade taxes.

    And what about the politicians? I'm sure they get millions from jueteng too. Don't they deserve scrutiny too? And these money are destructive to society. At least the "Taipan" millions are from productive endeavors that give jobs.

    I mean, if you're going to be discriminating against a particular group of people, you should be an equal opportunity discriminator and rant against all billionaires and not just one particular ethnic group, just like your post about not singling out Willing Willie. Otherwise, it makes you sound racist, unless that is what you intend to do.

    Besides, even if they earn millions per day. They don't personally earn it, but their corporation. I'm sure you know that you pay a separate corporate tax and a separate personal income tax. The power of a corporation is you control everything, but technically, you own nothing.

    Their companies make millions per day, but they could be just drawing less than P1M in salary a year. How much tax do you have to pay on that?

    And what is the point of public scrutiny for the taxes by these billionaires? Whatever they show, people will always complain that they pay too low even if that is what they are legally paying. That is the law, they can deduct whatever legally they can deduct to lower their taxes. The same applies to you.

    So it's a no win situation for them. It'll end up as a witch hunt. Pointless. They are also private citizens, when you subject them to public scrutiny, you are violating their rights. If the government starts doing that, what's to stop them from doing that to you?