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This topic was suggested by our blogmate, Julian Rabago, of Cavite City.

Related to the impending opening of classes, one thing that must be done immediately is a detailed audit of the Department of Education and the Commission on Higher Education (CHED).

If an audit is already ongoing, then the Commission on Audit had better inform us of even the initial results. We have the right to know how these two agencies are spending our taxes.

For one, the critical lack of classrooms and school buildings has been a problem for ages.

Has any been built so far? If yes, how many, where, for how much and for whom? Anybody correct me if I’m wrong but I have yet to read of or see any large-scale construction project for classrooms and school buildings.

The Aquino Administration is just weeks away from its FIRST YEAR in office. And even if I’m not a contractor, I know for a fact that it doesn’t take a year to build a classroom or a school building.

What about the hundreds of millions, if not billions, of pesos spent on textbooks?

Again, I have not read or heard of anything latest about this – how many have been bought, for how much and from whom, who have been the recipients, who has certified the accuracy of the textbooks’ contents and iif the number of copies delivered is exactly what has been paid for.

If any of you guys can enlighten me on this, I’ll gladly come out with the details as soon as possible, like what you’ll see below on a clarification by one of our readers on the CHED scholarship program.

Senate Committee on Education, Arts and Culture chair Edgardo Angara has called for bigger funds for the Government Assistance to Students and Teachers in Private Education program or GASTPE.

So where is the money? There should be a VERIFIED LIST, and I emphasize VERIFIED, of beneficiaries and schools involved. Most of all, the details of GASTPE transactions should be made public for scrutiny.

If neither the DepEd nor the CHED can give immediate details about GASTPE disbursements, WE’RE IN BIG TROUBLE, guys! Better start talking to your congressmen and senators.


Five e of our friends on “A P2-B question for Dinky Soliman” :

DELIA SANIDAD of Santiago, Ilocos Sur

Conditional cash transfer? This must be the fastest way to steal taxpayers' money. This just promotes mendicancy. If this is really a way of helping to alleviate poverty, then it has failed miserably. Maybe, just maybe, so much money is now lining some peoples' pockets.. Too bad these are taxpayers' money. Sana,pera rln nila waldasin nila.


This Dinky Soliman should not be taken lightly. Let us put this woman under full scrutiny. Siya ang may pinakamataas na badyet (DSWD) talo pa ang education at militar. In my long stay abroad being an OFW, sila ang pinakamataas na badyet sa Gobyerno is either education or the military. Sa atin gagawin tayong nanny state.


Tuwid na daa, diretso sa bangin.


They will just add and take billions of pesos anytime they feel like it without us, the taxpayers having any say or knowledge on how or who gets the funds..We need more accountability and transparency with the people's money, all the way down to the last cent. It is how it should be, and it must be done!

RONILO ACABO of Davao City

Huh? 2B? I only ask for P200,000t for a P20-B industry in five years.

Eleven of our friends on “Start asking CHED, DECS for tuition aid” :


In fairness to CHED, they have this "One Town, One Scholar” NE program. General Tinio, my hometown in Nueva Ecija, is fortunate enough to have two beneficiaries, one each for 2009 and 2010.


Sa AMA, three times sila magtaas ng tuition annually…35 percent every trimester.


Even if our government wants do you think our creditor such as the IMF will allow this? Our creditors don’t allow us to subsidize our economy.

VIVIAN BASANEZ of Changhua, Taiwan

Talks about Education should be given much priority by the government because it is the best tool for a better future. The government should impose low tuition for all Filipinos to avail of good education. We need good education to compete and to survive in the world today.

JULIAN RABAGO of Cavite City, Cavite

And while you're at it, Boyet, ipanawagan mo na rin sa COA to make a detailed audit of DepEd expenditures. i won’t be surprised kung mag-2nd place ang ahensyang ito sa pinaka-corrupt.

JK VALDEZ MITRA of Melbourne, Australia

Your intent is very well, Mr. Antonio.


What about the public schools? Don´t they need assistance as well? Why is the GASTPE for private schools only? That´s why education in public schools is considered poor because they don´t receive assistance from the government.


Billions of pesos, and trillions until 2016, can be saved if the government stops buying textbooks and upload E-books that are accessible and downloadable nationwide. Its really that simple. The money saved from that can build free universities and schools. Filipinos wouldn't have to pay for school anymore.


Mantakin mo, nagtaasan ang mga tuition sa ilang unibersidad, pati sa UE Manila at UP Diliman.


Sino-sino kayang private schools ang nakikinabang sa GASTPE nito o nasaan ang listahan ng mga mag-aaral na naka-avail ng GASTPE program? Magulo at malabo yata ito. Hindi na nga upgraded, kulang na ang mga pasilidad, maging ang mga aklat sa public school, magbibigay pa ng subsidy sa mga mag-aaral sa private school? Ka Boiyet, maraming salamat po sa impormasyon.


Hindi na nga namin alam kung paano namin pagkakasyahin ang aming kinikita sa taas ng mga bayarin at bilihin diyan Tapos, dagdag ruition pa? Napakahirap nito, lalo na sa aming may mga pa-kolehiyo, Tapos, pag naka-graduate, wala namang maibigay na hanapbuhay ang ating gobyerno. 30

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  1. I would like to support the suggestion, Boyet, that DepEd has to open their books to the COA (hoping Ma'am Heidi will oversee it) because I once was a victim of a kind of corruption scheme. I worked for 7 months before my first 3 months salary was released. Then the next 3 months was released after another 3 months of working. I realized, however, then that we were thousands of teachers who suffered the same predicament. By the way, same thing is happening in GSIS. I hope Ma'am Heidi's courage and determination to fight corruption will multiply thousands time so that all our government agencies will exposed to the sun and kill the virus and germs that made the hands of the korakot itchy.