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For the sake of whatever credibility he has left, Michael Ray Aquino had better THOROUGHLY clarify why he hid in the US and the gaping holes in his statement when he arrived from extradition.

Aquino said when he fled the country in 2001 out of fear of persecution, “and for the safety and security of my family.”

Persecution by whom? When and how did it start and why did he come to the conclusion that it was a persecution?

Does he have witnesses and proof, INDISPUTABLE PHYSICAL RPOOF, and not just his own words? Does he have witnesses who can support this allegation with equally solid evidence.

What makes this claim highly doubtful is why didn’t he reveal the alleged persecution when he was in the US, immediately, and not yet facing extradition?

He could have done so, and presented proof, through media.

Persecution is ground for political asylum, anybody correct me if I’m wrong. Known as a smart guy, it would be difficult to believe that Aquino simply forgot this.

If he’ll say that the supposed persecution was political in nature, the he could have revealed it right after the Aquino Administration took over. But he did not. Instead, he tried to hold off extradition until the last minute.

He chose to keep silent for 10 YEARS. WHY?

When the Dacer-Corbito murders were carried out, he was a ranking and known influential police official, the operations chief of then Presidential Anti-Organized Crime Task Force (PAOCTF).

Did he do anything to help solve the crime? If yes, what? If no, why?

Aquino had also better have a rock-solid explanation on what he meant by for the safety of his family. How was it compromised? When and again, by whom? Does he have proof and are there witnesses to this?

If Aquino will not have convincing explanations to these issues, he will be in for A WHOLE DAMNED LOT OF TROUBLE than he could ever imagine.

He had better realize this, if he still values CREDIBILITY AND FREEDO, spiritually and physically.


Twenty-two of our friends on “Pnoy proves he’s a weak leader”:


Where in the world can you find a leader who will say those words to his appointees? Only in Pnoy’s world.


First of all, he is not "a chip of the old block". Second he is more of Cory than Ninoy. Third, he appears to have lost control of some of his appointees.

JOSE REYES of Bacolod City

That's the difference between a leader with a backbone from the leader with a wishbone.

BAL DOMINGO of Quezon City

Siya pa ang nangintriga sa sarili!


It also proved how corrupt the system is!


Ganun naman pala eh bakit hindi pa sibakin? Ano hinihintay, Pasko?


He is not only weak. He is unfit to be President! A President should have the guts to fire anyone in his Cabinet who is causing undue setbacks to his programs. One who is afraid to do this makes himself an incompetent. What a disappointment he has turned out to be!

ESSA ABDULMALIK of Dammam, Saudi Arabia

I knew it beforehand, that was why I did not vote for him. His lackluster performance in the Senate should have been enough basis for the electorate to douse off their enthusiasm to vote for him, enthusiasm borne by the grief over the passing of his mother ex-Pres. Cory Aquino.


Now-now people, no matter who becomes the president, there will always be a bad member of the Cabinet. I would like to see a poor but well- educated , person who will stand -up for the good of the people to the next president and completely re-build the government. Let ‘s see how many rich people would support that.


When a President is unable to fully exercise leadership simply because he has no effective Cabinet to back him up, the quality of governmental performance is diminished and the public trust erodes further. This is now the norm of Pnoy's cabinet. Indeed, the question of governance hardly interests them. What preoccupies them are their own survival, status, the title on the door and where they would end up. They're a bunch of people with enormous egos!


Every new President ushers in promises. In most cases, promises remain unfulfilled. Sometimes, Presidents are not to blame. The promises were unfulfilled not because they did not want but because the oligarchy and aristocracy of this country considered it a joke.


How can we trust him to make big decisions if he can't even make a sound judgment to fire these slackers who, in the first place, were appointed by him? Pointing an accusing finger is not a good trait as a leader. There is much to be desired under this administration.


He needs an educated and experienced political adviser. The current President cannot be blamed for his weaknesses. He has some poor Cabinet members and advisers. You know how politics works behind closed doors.

VIRGIE ADUCA of Ontario, Canada

It’s already proven!


He is hiding something, thus he is not being true to his boss.


It is more than apparent now what kind of president we have. Instead of commending the three secretaries who always give him headaches for being truthful and straight forward, he scoldis them albeit covertly by not divulging their names. He seems to be unaware of that famous Harry Truman's expression, "the buck stops here" that he doesn't want to be the problem solver. He wants to be surrounded by people who always feed him good news, fabricated or not.


Sayang, siya pa naman binoto namin! Kaya hindi tutoo yung kasabihan na kung ano ang puno, siyang bunga. Ano pa kayang mga kasabihan ang sisirain niya?

YOLANDA HERRING of Coffs Harbour, New South Wales

He’s got no backbone!

RICKY TADURAN of Quezon City

Since birth, weakling na si Pnoy.


Sabi ni Abi Xalte, nagbibiro lang daw si Pnoy nung sinabi niya yan dahil likas na mapagbiro ang Pangulo. Duh! It was a formal gathering and he was delivering a speech. i don't think Pnoy was joking when he blurted out those comments. That's unbecoming of a head of t state.


Kapatid nga siya ni Kris. Taklesa sila.

TOMMY BLUE of Seattle, Washington, USA

Wala na ngang ginagawa, pag may ginawa naman, palpak pa! Remember the 1st action series niya sa Luneta? Ayun, patay ang mga Intsik. At nagpapicture pa na nakangiti! And after that...nothing.

Five of our friends on “If we won’t fight for the Spratlys”:


Diplomacy will be a better way to peace. China has the guts to move in whenever they feel like it. Hope that doesn’t happen (to us). Are we ready to face them?

NOEL GOFREDO of Rome. italy

Hindi natin kailangan mag-expand ng teritoryo. Nakita mo ang mga Pinoy sa Borneo. Mas gusto raw nla manatili Sabah sa Malaysia kasi maganda yung lugar. Papapangitin at paglkakakitaan ng mga corrupt kung mababalik sa Pilipinas. Magconcentrate tayo sa kung ano ang nasa atin na. Kayo na lang makipaglaban diyan.

ARMANDO MATEO of Meycauayan, Bulacan

Today and in the future, war will be measured in term of economy, political will and modern armaments. It seems we are behind other Asean nations. But our country home to Rizal, Bonifacio and other courageous citizens that should be appreciated. I go with you, Boyet!


To defend your sovereignty is a noble deed! But to look beyond your capacity is of a fool's imagination!

BRENDA PACIFICO of Swan Hill, Victoria, Australia

It’s hard for our nation to fight China.How can we? If China doesn’t bug off, I suppose better sell (the Spratlys) to them. 30

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  1. if PNOY said the 3 cabinet members are his headaches. what he should do? include Torres