Monday, May 2, 2011


Since retaliatory attacks by Al-Qaeda members is the prevailing fear following the death of its leader Osama Bin Laden,  the police and the  military had better start showing us the  face of these demons.

We can never fight or protect ourselves against faceless disciples of Hell.

As I had proposed in an earlier blog on car thieves, the authorities had better start distributing pictures of known Al-Qaeda leaders and members still at large.

These photos must be posted or installed in busy and strategic areas like malls, airports and piers, college and high school campuses, town and city halls and LRT and MRT train coaches and stations (we all remember the Rizal Day bombing of an LRT train several years ago, don’t we).

Newspapers and radio and TV stations must do their share by repeatedly coming out with these photos for free as often as possible.

The authorities and computer or information technology groups and experts can team up to spread the photos of Bin Laden’s boys on the Internet as fast and as extensive as possible,

Remember, it’s public knowledge that Bin Laden’s fanatics are scattered in various countries all over the world.

It’s been done a lot of times before so there’s no reason why it shouldn’t be repeated again, considering that public safety is the top priority and the targets are as evil as Lucifer and his boys.

At the height of the notoriety of the Abu Sayyaf Group, we repeatedly saw the photos of its slain leaders Abubakar Janjalani and Abu Sabaya.

Photos of their remaining comrades, as well as those of the country’s most wanted, are still on the walls of police stations and military camps and nationwide.

So if it can be done in these places, why not in other public facilities and installations nationwide?

When I first proposed this in my blog on car thieves, a few friends commented something to the effect that it would violate the presumption of innocence.

To this, I say:  Innocence or guilt is determined in court.

In fairness to the police and the military, they’re looking for terrorists and criminals because there’s a basis for it, like complaints, eyewitness accounts or confirmed intelligence reports.

They just didn’t pick out any photo from somewhere and instantly  tagged the subject as a terrorist or criminal.

Better to find them first before more innoncent people die or get hurt in future senseless acts of bloodshed.

To those who will stick to the contrary, I hope you’ll be the first to explain your view to the families of those who will die or get wounded and disabled in the next bombing or other terroristic acts. 30


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  1. Hi Boyet ! Since hindi natin alam sino talaga ang kalaban natin, I suggest that everybody should stay vigilant!