Friday, May 6, 2011


Military officials had better elaborate, fast, on their declaration to allow up to 10,000 soldiers to watch live at three key Armed Forces headquarters Rep. Manny Pacquiao’s fight tomorrow with Shane Mosley.

Especially on the exact READINESS of these soldiers to respond to terrorist attacks by Osama Bin Laden’s boys at A MOMENT’S NOTICE.

Otherwise, they had better identify now who must be blamed in case of trouble or, hopefully not, a bloodbath. And don’t go out of your homes during the bout, boys and girls.

Al Qaeda itself has CONFIRMED THE DEATH of Bin Laden. It has vowed revenge on the US, and its allies, of which the Philippines is one.

So what if Bin Laden’s minions do ATTACK, especially at the HEIGHT OF THE BOUT? Far, and I mean kilometers away, from the venues of the fight telecast – Camp Aguinaldo, the Army headquarters in Tagig and the Navy headquarters along Roxas Blvd?

What if Bin Laden’s men strike at Malabon or Navotas, which are some 10 kilometers away from the Navy headquarters and farther away  from Camp Aguinaldo and the Army home in Tagig?

Or at Southmall in Las Pinas which is more than 10 kilometers away from all three installations?

Armed Forces officials had better assure us, with DETAILS and not just with words, HOW FAST can our soldiers and sailors RESPOND  to any mayhem.

It’s common sense that bad guys strike at targets WITH THE LEAST number of soldiers or policemen, at a time when they are focused on something else and at areas least expected to be attacked.

The Rizal Day bombing of an LRT train in Manila years ago fits all these three criteria. Think about it.

II’m not belittling the significance of Pacquiao’s fight. I’m one with the entire country in wishing him a quick, decisive victory. What I can’t accept is PUBLIC SAFETY is taking a backseat, even for a few hours, to his continued quest for riches and glory.

Anyway you look at it, 10,000 soldiers and sailors are 10,000 soldiers and sailors, a MONSTER relief for demons out for chaos and a big kill.

Our safety is MUCH, MUCH MORE IMPORTANT than Pacquiao. IT SHOULD ALWAYS BE.  30


  1. :) gusto ko hindi manalo si paguiao...lahat ng fans niya awayin nyo ako.:)patay na si bin laden huwag tayong matakot sa patay, kung patay na nga saka kahit patay na siya di naman magbabago ang crises sa buong mundo......hindi siya ang problema sa buong mundo.......mga malalaking groupo......nation hindi isang tao ang namuno.yon ang dapat nating katakutan...sabi nga may magpaka kristo pero yon ang demonyo. may nagpaka demonyo sa mata ng tao....pero yon ang mas maituring mong mabuting tao......groupo ng mga bansa ang number problem natin.....hindi ano pa man.

  2. Naala-ala ko tuloy yung isang taktika sa "The Art of War" ni Sun Zu: "When the enemy relaxes, we harass" or words to that effect.

    Huwag po matulog sa pansitan. Period.

  3. It's ok. Pacquiao will be seeing Yellow Stars tomorrow, then we get bombs going off around the country. That's what you call YELLOW PARTY. It's not that we haven't had Yellow Parties before?Like for the last 25 years????

  4. FEAR means False Evidence Appearing Real or False Expectations Appearing Real. Be not afraid!