Tuesday, June 14, 2011


Apart from boycotting their products. there is another, and more direct but TENSION-FREE APPROACH, to the Chinese in the Spratlys dispute.

Talk to your Chinese friends and/or business associates and appeal to them for whatever help they can extend on how to peacefully settle the issue once and for all.

They can help in at least two ways.

One is they can relay our sentiments on the Spratlys question to whatever or whoever are their friends or connections in the Chinese government.

Two, local Chinese can band together and join forces with us in calling on their leaders to STOP BULLYING US and sit down with our government for talks on how to PEACEFULLY settle claims to the Spratlys once and for all.

Remember, our local Chinese friends HAVE NIOTHING TO DO with whatever actions their homeland is undertaking in the Spratlys. Moves and strategies on the disputed islands are SOLELY DECIDED ON by the Chinese national government.

So it would be, and this is just a personal opinion, quite inappropriate if we make our local Chinese friends pay the price by boycotting their merchandise.

I’ll bet a thousand to one that the local Chinese don’t want the prevailing tension in the Spratlys anymore than we do.

Keep in mind that a boycott can trigger a lot of chain reactions that will result to more hardships that will not be easy for our government to solve or remedy.

Let me just cite two examples:

First, a boycott will mean reduced business for our Chinese friends. If their earnings will drop, Chinese businessmen will be forced to lay off employees. Related to that, they will have to decrease the amount of goods and services (i.e. delivery, importation assistance) they get from their Filipino suppliers.

In other words, jobs and livelihood opportunities WILL BE LOST. Who will ne answerable?

Second, there is a national organization of Chinese businessmen (the name just skips my mind now) which engages in socio civic work like building classrooms and school buildings for the poor.

If their businesses UNDULY suffer, so will their charity work. Agaon, who will; be responsible?

A boycott of Chinese products is NOT AS SIMPLE as it sounds, boys and girls. Like all of you, I am against the bullying we’re getting from the Chinese.

But in putting our patriotism to action, let’s see to it that we won’t create new problems in doing so. 30


  1. Sorry, I will never trust Chinese. So, still I am calling for boycott from the nations of the world, the Chinese are the most greedy people in the world. Karma is waiting for China. Woe to China. No To China-made Products. Boycott All China-made products.

  2. My humble opinion is...all will end up like the chinese checkers. My move then you move. But with five players in the game...play politics to win. So let us play politics on the issue. Pinoy need to play politics and all will be well. Thanx.

  3. Yeah, do not worry. I do not worry myself even I am from Palawan. Are we not the first strike area?

  4. Chinese are filthy people, they are greedy, rude without common sense. I have been avoiding products made in China or PRC.