Thursday, March 24, 2011


Let’s all pray for our three countrymen who are scheduled to be executed in China next week for being couriers of illegal drugs.

They may have done something TERRIBLY WRONG, willingly or not, but they’re still Filipinos. Let’s ask God to allow them into His Kingdom.

To drug couriers out there: your bosses will ABANDON YOU once you get caught. And that’s whether you spend the rest of your life in jail, or DIE by lethal injection. For your bosses, you’re nothing but TRASH.

Here are some tips on how to avoid being an unwitting drug courier:

NEVER work for known or suspected drug traffickers. Don’t even befriend them.

NEVER ACCEPT packages from anyone, regardless of how much they offer you, unless the person is a family member or has been a tried and tested true friend for A LOT OF YEARS.

If you will be asked by your boss to carry a package at the LAST MINUTE, ask what is the content. If your boss refuses to tell you, and threatens you with dismissal if you disobey, 99 percent it’s something ILLEGAL.  Resign on the spot.

Similarly, if your husband or wife asks you to do the same without telling you the contents of the package, don’t obey. Demand that he or she open the package first and show the contents.

Unless it’s your family or siblings, NEVER ALLOW anybody else to prepare your luggage before going on a trip.  Especially if you don’t know who will do it and if will be done  without your presence.

Lastly, to save others from ending up as drug couriers, tip off the police or any other law enforcement of drug trafficking operations that you know. There are ways on how to keep your identity secret.

Nail this to your head: being a drug courier CAN COST YOU YOUR LIFE!

Five of our friends on “Better for Merci to go on leave ASAP!” :

RONALD NEMITZ of London, United Kingdom

ONLY IN THE PHILIPPINES. Credibility and Integrity for self-esteem is nothing. They will try all sorts of remedies to cling on to the powers they are used to hold on to. Maybe, if they are Japanese, SHAME is so important that they will commit HARAKIRI.

CAS MAYOR Jr. of Jeddah, Saudi Arabia

Sobrang clean si Merci, Sa sobrang clean ayaw galawin si Pandac noong nasa puwesto pa. Takot siyang masabon at baka lalo siyang maging clean, he he he.


And be punished. We are not satisfied with going on leave alone. (She) must pay. May utang silang dapat bayaran sa Pilipino.


Thanks for this, Boyet. Reposting.


Good point, Boyet

ROMEO SESBRENO of Ontario, Canada on “Tupas’ claim of Iglesia meddling in impeach unbelievable” :

Keep religion out of politics and Government..This two should never mix!! Let the justice system and the law, based on evidence in the case, run its course. Lawmakers should never allow this kind of politics in implementing the law!! Filipinos first, NOT particular groups or organizations for that matter!

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  1. yea I am agree with you that drug courier is really more risky to deliver.