Monday, March 21, 2011


Time to get back to work, House Justice Committee members.

Now that the entire House of Representatives has decided to impeach Ombudsman Merci Gutierrez,  the committee members should STOP ENDLESSLY talking about it  and get back to their primary job.

Writing proposed laws that will address the country’s MAJOR PROBLEMS and help provide a better life for the people, especially the poor.

Except for the prosecution team which will be formed for the trial at the Senate, NO OTHER CONGRESSMAN has ANY BUSINESS anymore to talk about the impeachment. Not even committee chair Niel Tupas of Iloilo, unless he will be chosen as one of the prosecutors.

The impeachment is now up to the Senate. It’s the law. Period. Except for the prosecutors, EVERYBODY SHUT UP from now on. PLEASE!

Continuing to talk about the impeachment will not bring down the prices of oil products. It will not provide jobs or cheap education, or housing and adequate health care for the poor.

The only thing it will provide is FREE MEDIA MILEAGE, or POGI POINTS to  PUBLICITY-HUNGRY congressmen.

I sure hope Speaker Sonny Belmonte will officially issue a gag order of sorts not just to the justice committee members but to ALL CONGRESSMEN, especially for MIND CONDITIONING media statements anyone tries to come out with.

And as I’ve asked in earlier blog, will anti-Merci congressmen accept defeat in case of an acquittal by the Senate? What guarantee can they give us, the people, that they will?

My dear congressmen, kicking Merci out of office is NOT YOUR ONLY JOB. Keep that in mind, please!


BEN ENTICO of Manila:

Let's wait for the facts to come in. Cong. Tupas’ allegations cannot be denied by logic. It can only be denied by matter-of-fact- statements.

MARLENE  DAMOLO  HOWE  of  Tacoma, Washington, USA

Could this be a gimmick perpetrated by Merci to mislead the congressmen? I wouldn't put it past her! She knows that she is toast and GMA can hardly protect her now.

MERIT SALUD of Bloomfield, New Jersey, USA:

Good arguments. It would be unfair to all concerned if this allegation of Congressman Tupaz is taken as gospel truth and our bloggers are induced to comment on it as such because nobody raised objection as its truth and veracity.


INC? Religions nowadays are created for money-making, like binabayaran sila kapalit ang boto (nila). Highest bidder sila. kung sino makapagbigay ng pinakamalaki, yun ang dadalhin nila!

BAYAN KONG PILIPINAS Movement on “Disasters showing true color of politicians”:

True indeed, Mr. Boyet Antonio. In other countries, once a catastrophic incident happens, government officials immediately act to help, financially and morally.

From a reader who asked to called only as MARIA CRISOSTMO IBARRA on “Read this before you donate to Japan victims!”:

Kahit saan may mga nananamantala ng sitwasyon. Mahuli sana kayo. Patay na nga, ninanakawan nyo pa. ya.. Boyet they use religion to corruption. 30

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