Sunday, May 29, 2011



There is widespread talk of a Cabinet revamp. If you’ll be asked to choose, who would you replace and who would you retain?


This is for Education Secretary Armin ( I hope I got it right) Luistro to explain.

Senate Minority Leader Alan Peter Cayetano says the latest United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) report shows that we are among the 15 countries with the highest number of out-of-school children.

He also adds that about ONE MILLION children couldn’t get primary education due to extreme poverty or armed conflict in their areas.

Mr. Luistro should immediately CONFIRM or DENY this.

We’re talking of A MILLION KIDS here. Not just one or two or ten but A MILLION. We’re talking of one million potential burdens, and hopefully not threats, to society in the near future.

Kids who will either be forced to beg for alms to have something to eat. Kids who will be easy prey to criminal elements simply because they lack education on what is right and what is wrong.

I’m not saying that the DepEd should send all these one million children to school. Of course, they can’t.

What I’m driving at is WHAT has the DepEd done to REDUCE the number of out-of-school kids? Has it done anything at all? Does it even have a plan?

Details, please, if yes, and why if no? Not only for out-of-school kids but also for other major problems in the Education sector like the critical lack of classrooms and school buildings.

If it’s a ‘no’, Mr. Luistro had better have one damned good explanation. He’s been in office for almost a year and the only program f his that has been given considerable media exposure is the K plus 12, which INCREASES instead of decreases, expenses for education of both parents and the government

If Sen. Cayetano, and the UNESCO, are wrong, the more should Mr. Luistro come out with an explanation as fast as he can. Mr. Luistro must realize that what’s at stake here is his COMPETENCE as Education secretary.

If he does not have A CONVINCING defense against what Sen. Cayetano has alleged, then he should be THE FIRST TO BE FIRED if there would indeed be a Cabinet revamp. 30


  1. Luistro? what does he know of poor kids... he is with the richest kids in the philippines, in dlsu.

  2. Kunt totoo siyang pari (priest) hindi bagay sa kanya ang dept. of education. Puedi siyang one-sided. Papaano ang mga Madaris (Arabic Schools). Wala siyang alam dyan.

  3. Sana ang ilagay nila sa bawat sangay ng gobyerno ay yung talagang nararapat sa pwesto tulad ng DepEd Secretary dapat dito ay Post graduate education major in management at yung may puso sa mga in and out of school sana e continue nila ang free education in public schools especially in the rural areas and free also school materials for the poor children, and continue their feeding activities in any public schools especially for the poor people in every barangays....

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