Monday, April 18, 2011


It’s DISGUSTINGLY PATHETIC for the Aquino Administration to keep on blaming the Arroyo presidency for the country’s problems which it cannot solve up to now.

While the problems can’t  indeed be solved overnight, the issue is has this government made LIFE EASIER for us than before? HAS IT SOLVED, EVEN PARTIALLY, any of our national concerns?

When somebody keeps on blaming someone else for the problems he has been tasked to solve and can’t do so, it only proves HE DOESN’T KNOW WHAT TO DO.

And if you don’t know what to do in your job, that means YOU’RE INCOMPETENT.

Oil companies continue to MURDER US with the non-stop increase in the prices of their products.

Have you seen, or heard of, even a single move by the Government  to get to the bottom of the INSATIABLE LUST  for money of the oil companies, to find out if the non-stop price hikes are justified or not?

Have you seen or heard of any move by Noynoy to at least MINIMIZE THE GREED of the oil firms, and the hardships they give to us ordinary mortals?

When he ran for president, Noynoy claimed to be pro-poor.

But he READILY REDUCED the budgets for public health services and state colleges and universities, while IMMEDIATELY allocating P83 million for the Truth Commission whose task was to probe alleged fraud in the Arroyo Government.

Noynoy had proudly boasted he’s anti-corruption.

But jueteng, which everybody knows is ONE OF THE BIGGEST cash cows of corrupt police and local as well as national government officials, CONTINUES TO REMAIN UNTOUCHABLE – no crackdowns or campaigns, no arrests of jueteng lords, no nothihg.

Noynoy even READILY C;LEARED his shooting buddy, Interior and Local Government Undersecretary Rico Puno, when the latter was accused of receiving jueteng bribes. He didn’t even order a probe.

There are other  examples. But try to answer this question yourselves, boys and girls, before II end this piece: Has the Aquino Administration accomplished anything?
Six of our friends on “Pnoy himself proves his fame is sinking”:

ROWENA SABALLA PLACIDO of Lian, Tai-wan, Taiwan

Bakit agency nya ang may hawak ng sahod nya?wla yta rules ang ganon.

LYAM DELEIQUINA of Tondo, Manila

Let him sink, dun siya masaya eh!!

SOPHIA BANAGUDOS of Zamboanga City

How can you prove that he is sinking?


Sinasayang niya ang time to serve our people and country by repeatedly attacking gma and allies...


He is not famous? Because he has no money to give away, He has no pabaon and pasalubong to generals. The truth is he is a good leader. II will still support all His good Governance.

RONILO ACABO of Davao City

One more he himself has proven: He has no bigger things in mind to do other than get involved in problems already technically solved to get credit. For us who understand, doing so discredits him.

Three of our friends on  “Abolish the inutile DOE”:

YOLANDA MANALAYSAY HERRING of Coffs Harbour, New South Wales

You’re right, Boyet. Bullshit is the right word for those who are making rules at DOE. They’re doing it for their own interest.


Kick these guys out!

ENNIS DEL MAR of North  Hollywodd, California

Poor country held captive and kept under the mercy of multinational oil companies. 30


  1. It is better to prosecute the previous administration of their corrupt deals, so that all the money they've taken from the gov't.(tax payer money/kaban ng bayan) will be return to the gov't.

    Abot the oil price hike, even the US gov't. and other rich countries of EUROPE can't do anything at all to reduce the price of oil in the world market, how much more a "3rd world countries like the Phils."????

  2. Everytime a new President is elected to govern the country he or she will inherit the problem of the previous administration it has and always been and nothing can change that! One thing the current Govt can do is solve that problem the best he can do because then next time someone get elected again he would be the blame. Stop finger pointing and just do the job you were elected to do by the people! It is like a cyle over and over again blaming someone!

  3. wag pong magsisihan... di gawin nalang sana niya ang tungkulin niya para sa bayan. dahil ang totoo halos wala siyang halos nagawa...puro blame dito blame doon..

  4. Don't forget, we have been under a "government of, by and for the oligarch". Oligarch as in 'Kamag-Anak Incorporated plus Big Corporations partnered with foreigners - the legacy of post EDSA-I leader.So, pag ang tinitira mo ay connected sa oligarch, bingi yang mga nasa gobyerno lalo na yong pinaka mataas diyan, siya ngayon ang defender nila.

  5. I did not vote for him...doon palang sa "plataporma" nya na siya ay anak ni cory (na isang santa) at ninoy (na isang bayani)kita na kaagad natin na wala siyang solidong plano para sa bansa at nag ra ride-on lang sya sa popularity ng kanyang mga parents. Ang solusyon dyan dapat ang Pilipino ay matuto na pumili ng lider base sa "isyu" at hindi sa "personality"