Tuesday, July 5, 2011



The INSATIABLE LUST for publicity and UNQUENCHABLE THIRST of Sen. Ping Lacson for anything damaging to say against former President Gloria Arroyo is getting more and more SHAMELESS.

Lacson was quoted in a news story as saying that he obtained documents indicating that Arroyo and her husband Mike were the former owners of used helicopters “forcibly” sold and priced as brand-new to the PNP for P105 million.

But Lacson did not specify the documents and who or what government agency certified these as authentic.

He did not say who processed the payment, when, where and how was it made and other vital details like who approved the deal for the PNP.

Not even who negotiated with the PNP, when and where.Lacson admitted that the PNP officials involved in the deal were complicit partners but they are the least to blame.

But he DID NOT EXPLAIN WHY. Anybody correct me if I’m wrong but in Law, the crime of one is the crime of all unless somebody turns state witness and is granted immunity from prosecution.

And take note, boys and girls: Lacson DID NOT NAME the PNP officials in the transaction. Even if the payment came from the PNP and not from the vault of Malacanang.

He could not, or did not say, with certainty that the PNP officials did not earn or pocket anything from the proceeds of the supposedly anomalous sale of the helicopters.

But the senator was categorical from start to finish in his press statement in accusing the former First Couple of the supposed anomalous sale.

Is Lacson SCARED of the PNP officials or are they his FRIENDS? Take your pick, boys and girls.

If this is not a SHAMELESS LUST for media mileage topped by VULGAR POLITICAL VENGEANCE with every possible issue, I will welcome any correction from anybody.

Just be sure you’ll include your name and location and it’s detailed, and not just an expression of your own political views.

I don’t come out with ANONYMOUS comments.

I’m not defending the Arroyos. I’m not saying that they’re innocent. I just pointed out the critical details missing in Lacson’s allegations.


Anyone who wants to complain, READ FIRST. And be sure you understand what I had written. 30


  1. continue my friend
    to awaken the hearts of the people
    to harsh realities
    so change shall be achieved
    in our country.


  2. John 8:32 says "Then you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free."