Sunday, June 19, 2011


There is a simple test to prove whether or not China’s claim of the Spratlys and all other islands and reefs in the South China Sea are justified and not just land-grabbing of the disputed islands.


The whole world knows that claims to the Spratlys by six countries have remained unsettled for decades. But since the Chinese now say they own the Spratlys, then we had better ask “Says who?”

We had better demand their TITLE to the Spratlys, or any other document to prove their ownership.

If ever they’ll present any, the Chinese had better have a solid explanation on what makes the document ownership valid – who issued it and on whose authority and what law says it’s legal.

If they have nothing, then the next question should be “So what makes you the owner of the Spratlys other than your own words?” To be followed by “What gives you the right to intrude into Philippine territory?”

Remember guys, the United Nations (UN) itself has not ruled or voted on the true owner of the Spratlys. Neither has the International Court of Justice or any other world body.

Even the United Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea (UNCLOS) has not yet settled the issue and is now being used as a basis for the purpose.

So unless China plans to ignore the UNCLOS, and for that matter, the UN as a whole, it has NO MORAL AND LEGAL RIGHT to act and speak as the sole owner of the Spratlys.

It should STOP, as in IMMEDIATELY, bullying our country and intruding into our territory.

These are the points we should all raise to China – to their national leadership through their embassy here and to our own Chinese friends and business associates.

As I had written in an earlier blog, for all you know your Chinese friends have their own connections in their national government.

China’s antics in the Spratlys must come to an end, FAST. In our own little way, we can help make this happen. 30


  1. Good article Boyet. Keep it up.

  2. Makes sense Boyet. Godspeed!

  3. Well said!!! Give these Chinese ultimatum!! And stop their Bullying Tactics!!! Hey leaders of The Beautiful Country Phillipines YOU can do BETTER than this. Don't let these Chinese treat us like dirt protect our dignity and freedom!!! as if they own the whole country....

  4. Of course we must also look at China's ancient methods of EXPANSION, as being like any OTHER Colonial power in the past. HE WHO CONQUERS and HOLDS, WINS! - and are there ANY countries STRONG ENOUGH nearby to keep them AWAY? - The Philippine Government threw out of Subic Bay, their only strongest ally (USA) some years ago --- and now USA doesn't give a damn.... unless they see enough money in it for them to defend the Spratly's. They don't HAVE their OWN BASE to defend there anymore, do they?

  5. so, no one owns the island?
    no one has any legal right to claim it?
    it's just in the Philippine territory but it doesn't belong to the Philippines?
    please do answer...
    thank you...