Wednesday, June 22, 2011


Before anything else, I think I now have to thank Batangas Gov, Vilma Santos Recto.

Despite the fury of her supporters against me, she has remained quiet and civil. That means she understood that I am not accusing or insulting her over anything, and have been fair enough to come out with her side while asking legitimate questions.

Otherwise, I am really having fun with Vi’s supporters who continue to raise hell over my innocent queries on owners of illegal fish pens and why is the provincial government seemingly helpless against the problem.

Still, I am thankful that out of 196 page views as of the time I was writing this at 4:45 p.m. June 22, ONLY 23 reacted negatively. That means the rest understood my point, especially the fact that, I repeat, I was not accusing or insulting their governor so why the big fuss.

Oh, and to the one who says Vilmanians are a global force so I should expect the worst scenario, I say so what? Bring it on. That doesn't scare me I assure you.

Here again, guys, is my last blog. You be the judge if I am being unfair or judgmental, or even accusing the governor of anything.

Tumahimik ako sa Batangas illegal fish pens issue sa payo ng mga kaibigan ko na huwag ko na lang pansinin ang mga supporters ni Batangas Gov. Vilma Santos Recto na hindi makaintindi ng simpleng simpleng Ingles ng aking blogs pero pilit akong iniinsulto o hinahamon.

Iyon pala, ayaw pa rin akong tigilan. Heto ang dalawa sa mga pinakahuling atake sa akin na ngayon ko lang napansin. Wala akong binago sa mga ito,

So to prove to everybody that I had not kept quiet out of fear or in exchange for any consideration, and only on the advice of friends. I will be reposting my blogs on the illegal fish pens in Batangas, along with my daily new blog, today and tomorrow, starting with this one:

An anonymous but obvious defender of Batangas Gov. Vilma Santos-Recto posted six news reports in our blogspot on what she has done so far since the fish kill in the province.

I had stated before that I will no longer come out with anonymous comments. But in the interest of fairness, this will be an exception.

These are the salient points of the news reports:

Santos Recto formed and dispatched various teams to assist local government units affected by the fish kill in Taal Lake on May 26-27. Two backhoes and several dump trucks were dispatched to Talisay, Laurel and Agoncillo.

My reply: I stand corrected on what I had written in our preceding blog that she has been unusually quiet and there has been no known direct order by her on how to deal with the fish kill.

Santos-Recto said the dismantling of illegal fish pens in Taal Lake has been the local government’s endeavor for three years, and that “I’m proud to say na libo na din ang aming natanggal na fish pens diyan.”

But as I had written, the news reports DID NOT IDENTIFY even one illegal fish pen owner and what charges, if any, had been filed against that person by Batangas officials.

As I had also cited in our blog “Corruption in Batangas fish kill,” what makes the names of the illegal fish pen owners SO SPECIAL? If indeed thousands of illegal fish pens have been dismantled in Taal Lake, how come there are still a lot?

What makes Santos-Recto, and all concerned Batangas officials, HELPLESS against the illegal fish pens? The news reports didn’t answer this.

Santos-Recto had earlier warned against overfishing in Taal Lake and ordered the reduction of fish pens there. Yet, neither government functionaries nor fish pen owners – heeded her warning, according to the news reports.

So what did she do about it? Did she ask for help from anyone or anybody? If yes, whom did she approach, when and what happened?

Now, here are some of the latest, and my reply to each:


Tama ang isang poster dito na how can you expect Gov Vi to name names if the owners of illegal fish cages are nameless? If you are doing business illegally, will you tell the world who you are? Paki-umpog mo nga ulo mo sa pader at ng matauhan ka naman.

My reply: So what you’re saying is despite the thousands of illegal fish pens Vi herself has said she had demolished, which I believe let that be for the record, she never got any idea, inkling or even one name of an illegal fish pen owner. No names, no report, no nothing.

Therefore, alin sa dalawa: nagwasak ng nagwasak ng illegal fish pens pero NEVER NA NAGUSISA MAN LANG KUNG SINO ANG OWNER kaya kahit isang name, wala, or saksakan ng hihina, if not walang silbi, ang kung sinumang nagimbestiga kaya walang name na nakuha kahit isa kaya wala ring mailabas ang provincial government? Ikaw ang dapat magumpog, or better magmaso ng sariling ulo, para matauhan sa iba pang posibilidad bago ka dumaldal.


Are you so naive that you can't understand the fact that crooked businessmen are hiding their real identities in order not to be caught?

My reply: The same as that to Noel Ferrer.


This guy has little knowledge of what responsible journalism is all about. That's why he deserves all the tirades he has been getting from Gov. Vi's supporters.

My reply: Do you have any experience in journalism? Any credentials proving that you are a legitimate journalist? If no or none, you don’t have ANY MORAL AND PROFESSIONAL RIGHT to sweepingly claim that I have little knowledge of responsible journalism. And if you’ll say you are, since when has asking questions to and coming out with the defense of the subject of the article, been irresponsible journalism? If you can’t justify what you’re saying, better go back to school first before you open your mouth again.

RAUL LAUREL of Tanauan. Batangas

Will you please stop using the good name of Governor Vilma Santos in your iidiotic cause?

My reply: If tackling something illegal is an idiotic cause for you, then you have A PATHETIC, DISTORTED SENSE of what is right and what is wrong. And that WON’T STOP me from writing something about your governor if I think I have to, believe me.


I believe that the argument of Mr Nemesio in attacking Gov Vi, especially that of her failure to disclose the identities of the people behind illegal fish pens, is really full of holes. Mr Nemesio, if you are a concerned citizen, please make sure you use your head so you won't be accused of being a moron.

My reply: Cite the holes you’re saying and let’s see. I have used, and continue to use, my head by being fair enough to come out with the defense of your governor and keeping quiet since I don’t see anything new. But since, as I’ve said, some of you won’t stop from insulting me, then neither should I keep quiet forever and not defend myself just because Vilma Santos Recto is the topic. If you dson’t understand this, then you, much as I hate to say this because you’re a woman, are the who’s not using her head, and the moron. 30

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